A Day of Adventures in Annapolis

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to go on an Annapolis adventure with my better half. We circled around for about 20 minutes looking for parking. I was defeated and ready to go home, but he pushed me through it. We started off by walking through the First Sunday Arts Festival, there were so many cool things that were being sold by local vendors, and if you're ever in Annapolis on the first Sunday of the month I highly encourage you to check it out. We checked out the houses and the shops and eventually sat down for some food. We always struggle to come to an agreement on what to eat unless it's sushi. I had the Annapolis roll and some Shrimp Tempura and Chris had a lunch special that I don't quite remember exactly what it was. Afterwards we satisfied our cravings for Bubble tea and I got to go to the Tervis store and Alex and Ani. Photos of my purchases will be coming soon!