Weekend In My Life - 24 Hours in the Big Apple!


It's been a minute ... heck ... it's been FOREVER since I've posted on here. But life has been hectic and also at sometimes boring. Funny how that works. 

But anyways! I'm back to share a recap of my weekend in NYC! I had the pleasure of tagging along with my mom to the city that never sleeps and it was glorious. The weather was PERFECT. Probably the one time I've gone to NYC that it wasn't rainy, humid, or extremely windy and cold. 

The trip started Saturday morning. My boyfriend and I accidentally overslept past our alarms, putting us an hour behind schedule. We had to drive to my mom's in Maryland and from there we started our trek! Not before stopping and fueling up with some good ol' healthy breakfast from Bojangles (if you couldn't tell, I'm being sarcastic ;)). Once we had our breakfast, we were on our way! The GPS took us a scenic route through Maryland and Delaware, seeing places we had never seen before. The drive wasn't bad at all, it wasn't until we were close to the city that we started to get some traffic. 

Once we got to the city, we parked in a garage not too far from the hotel, maybe all of one block over and one block up. I used SpotHero to book the parking garage and for 24 hours it was $55. Then we walked to our hotel on 43rd St. We stayed at the Westin hotel which was quite lovely and clean. A nice place to pretty much just put your head down for the night. 

After checking into the hotel we went and met my mom's coworkers/friends for lunch as they were visiting NYC from Seattle! It was really nice being able to meet people I hear my mom talk about constantly. We went to a restaurant called Obao in Hell's Kitchen. One thing I must warn if you are planning to go to NYC anytime during the pandemic probably, you must have a vaccine card and ID to dine inside places! I completely forgot mine but was able to retrieve a picture of it I had stored online. 

Shrimp Pad Thai

At Obao, I had a Thai Iced Tea and the Shrimp Pad Thai. Overall, the food was delicious, the atmosphere was enjoyable with ambiance jazzy music playing, and I felt safe! 

After eating at Obao we had to go to Macy's on 34th St. for my mom! Knowing that it was such a short trip, I didn't have many items to check off my list. Over the years I've been able to go to NYC plenty of times and I don't really care so much for tourist things as I've been able to do a lot luckily. I just cared to have fun, be safe, eat good food and have good drinks and just make some memories. At Macy's my mom secured some Stuart Weitzman boots! One day when I "grow up" I'll be like her ;). But as for this trip, I just wanted to go to the Muji store and maybe try a unique bakery/cafe! 

After Macy's we went back to our hotel so she didn't have to haul the boots around all day and then we went to Muji and some stores in Time Square (which is not a place I prefer to hangout around in). In Times Square I just cared to see the Disney store mostly :). We also went to MAC and then we were on our way to our dinner reservation at a Cuban restaurant in Times Square called Havana and honestly the drinks and appetizers there were pretty filling.

Passionfruit Mojito!

At Havana, we had mojitos galore! I got a passionfruit one and then a pineapple one. We also had empanadas and Mexican street corn. I decided I was quite full from the drinks and apps and just wanted a Guacamole salad with shrimp. Unfortunately I didn't realize 9 shrimp on my salad would turn it from a $9 salad to a $27 salad! That's roughly $2 a shrimp which I found quite ridiculous. Nonetheless the food was good and so were the drinks but just be warned. Eating in NYC can be expensive, I have found though that the more you stay out of the Times Square area the cheaper the food is so keep that in mind. 

Radio City Music Hall

After eating dinner we decided to take a stroll up 5th avenue all the way to where Central Park begins. After our walk we decided to start walking back down and took a quick stop in Duane Reade. I needed a toothbrush and we stopped to buy some bottled water and other necessities. Once back at the hotel, we all just got ready for bed and hit the hay. I'm not the type of person who likes sleeping under the covers so I was freezing cold for most of the night until I put one of my cardigans on!

The next morning we woke up and tried to work out a plan for what to do with the less than 3 hours we had left in the city. We decided that getting some coffee and tea was a good start. I found a place called UT47 which looked really cool so we decided to head to that. It's located in Hell's Kitchen off 47th St. 

Once we got there, it was definitely a popping place. They had mochi, boba, macarons, coffee, tea, breakfast, you name it. They even had some Vegan options! My mom decided to get some macarons and I had the iced maple latte with oat milk and it was delicious! 

They can their iced beverages! It was so bizarre but cool!

As we moved onto our next food location, I sipped on my maple iced latte. My only concern was that people were going to think I was drinking beer at like 10 AM. We decided to get some cookies from Schmackary's. At the time that I'm writing this post, I only tried the Hummingbird cookie my bf got. Everything looked good and they had lots of options! 

After getting Schmackary's I made my way to the Muji behind Bryant Park. Both stores were kind of a bust with not nearly the same amounts of stationary and pen inventory that they had pre-pandemic. I have resorted to probably just trying to look online for stuff.

After we left Muji we just walked down 5th Ave. to 34th St. I decided to take some pictures of the Empire State building as it's one of my favs! 

Empire State Building

Then we decided to try to find a boba place that wasn't a chain that we have back home in Northern VA! We decided to try out Yifang Fruit Tea which was located on 6th Ave. (Also, I'm just now seeing that YiFang is a chain and there are some locations somewhat close to us *facepalm*).

Passion Fruit Green Tea

I had a passion fruit green tea and it was perfectly sweet yet tangy! I would definitely recommend giving it a try. 

After getting our Boba tea, we decided to go to Joe's Pizza to get some authentic New York style slices for on the way home. We got a Supreme pizza and the store was packed. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures on their walls of all the celebrities that have come before!

Once the pizza was secured, we made our way back to the hotel but the Carlos' Bakery on 41st St. was just calling my name so I decided to stop to get a chocolate cannoli and a lobster tail pastry! Then we raced back to the hotel to collect our bags, say goodbye, and we were on our way. Of course we couldn't end the road trip without a stop to Waffle House and having some yummy breakfast for dinner!

Overall, it was such a sweet weekend and I couldn't have asked for more. If you've made it this far I just want to say thanks so much for reading! Down below I will recap the food places we went to and that I recommend. 
  • Obao of 9th Ave. 
  • Havana Central off 46th St. 
  • Ut47 Kitchen off 47th St. 
  • Schmackary's off 45th St. 
  • Yifang Fruit Tea off 6th Ave. 
  • Joe's Pizza off Broadway 
  • Carlos' Bakery off 8th Ave. 
Well that's all for now folks and friends! 

Until next time, 



5 Movies to Watch During Quarantine

Hi All,

I don't know about y'all but I think I'm about done with quarantine. One of the things I have enjoyed about it though is getting some quality time with my dog, watching movies, and playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I thought I'd make a quick post of my top 5 movie recommendations for Quarantine (recent movies obvi).

1. Knives Out ($5 rental on Prime)
2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ($5 rental on Prime)
3. Onward (on Disney+)
4. Parasite (on Hulu)
5. Irreplaceable You (this one is not so recent but I decided to watch it on Netflix and it's from 2018 and a tearjerker!)

Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments!

Stay safe and healthy.

XO, Chynna

Week in My Life | December 30th - January 5th

Hi All,

Hope you had a great start to the New Year and new decade! It's crazy that time is flying by already and we're onto the double digits of the month. I feel like I'll blink and next thing you know it will be the beginning of Spring.

I thought I'd just recap a week in my life on here as I'm not at YouTube vlogger status yet. The first week of the year wasn't very crazy or eventful but it was nice and fun and I'll just jump right into it.

Monday the 30th:

I had work and ate lunch with my aunt that day. I also purchased tickets to go to the Morbid Podcast live show in April here in D.C.! I'm so excited for that and I will be going with a friend. Other then those things, it was pretty uneventful.

Tuesday the 31st:

Otherwise known as New Years Eve! In the past I usually go to dinner with my boyfriend, we come home, wait for the countdown, and then promptly go to bed. This year however we just made food at home and had some mulled wine and watched movies. I had to deal with getting my emissions done this day as well and renewing my registration (I waited until the very end of the month... I'll definitely try not to procrastinate as much this year :)). I even had a quick trip to Target that day as well (one of my favorite happy places, after Disney World of course ;)).

Wednesday the 1st:

The start of the New Year! I decided to sleep in a bit and went on an almost 2 mile walk with my boyfriend! We usually try to start the New Year on a good foot and try to be active after 2 weeks of straight laziness around the holidays. Then we made our way to Chinatown in D.C. to eat at Reren! It was so good, I actually found out about them at Taste of Georgetown last year. They have the best spicy dumplings and hand made dumplings. I definitely recommend checking them out, they serve "lamen" ramen as well. As we walked around it was pretty chilly and my boyfriend needed to use the bathroom, so we stopped in Starbucks. I got a vanilla latte with two pumps of peppermint and I highly recommend that if you're sick while trying to power through something, the aroma was delightful! Then we just came back home, did a quick stop at Michael's and Target. We finished the night by watching Fargo and I did some knitting.

Thursday the 2nd:

The day it was back to reality. At least there was a gorgeous sunrise as I had started getting ready for work that day. Besides just getting back into the swing of work, it was a pretty uneventful day. I walked for 30 minutes that evening so at least I was on track with fitness goals for one day (lol).

Friday the 3rd:

This was a rough day. My boyfriend's work phone was going off at 6 in the morning because he was working on call that week. You would think a person would realize that after you've called from 5-6 am 5-6 times and no one answers that maybe, it's outside of acceptable hours to be calling someone. That day I had some Chick-Fil-A breakfast as a pick me up to make up for the startling waking up at 6 AM. Then during lunchtime I had a lunch date with my boyfriend at Whole Foods, I got some of their Spicy Shrimp Tempura sushi (one of my favs). Once the evening hit, I started packing up to head to Maryland for a Girls Night sleepover with my family! My aunt and mom hosted me and my girl cousins for a girls night and boy was it so much fun! We ate crabs, shrimp, and fish and had drinks galore. We had a dance party, watched Homecoming on Netflix, and I was up until past 4 AM. It was such an overall great time and I recommend it even with just your closes gal pals!

Saturday the 4th:

I woke up around 9:30 and didn't get much sleep. My mom and I made our way over to her house after leaving my aunt and uncle's. I spent some time watching the show Fargo and cuddling on the couch with my dog until my mom and I made our way to Costco with one of her friends. I got a cutting board set (you know you're an actual an adult when cutting board sets and kitchen things excite you haha). We got some Starbucks and headed onto IKEA and it was my mom's friend's first time going to an IKEA so that was exciting. I naturally wanted to buy everything but really couldn't justify it but I did get some inspiration (lol). After going to IKEA we headed back towards where my mom lives and stopped for Sonic on the way (my go to order is a peach lemonade slush, large mozzarella sticks, and ched'r peppers). Once we dropped my mom's friend off I was home bound back to VA. I spent some time watching my dog and he and I napped together while my mom had to do some stuff. She eventually came back to get him and then I tried to go to bed early but the Sonic snacks must have upset my stomach and I had a really rough time falling asleep unfortunately. After taking some medicine and eating toast, apple sauce, and crackers, I was feeling well enough to fall asleep way past 1 AM.

Sunday the 5th:

Sunday I spent my day trying to be productive so naturally the first place I went was Costco. After we got some snacks there we went over to Panera for a late breakfast/early lunch (some might call that brunch but we didn't eat any breakfast food so I guess I can just call it lunch lol). I then asked my bf would it be ok to stop by Home Goods and Michael's (two of my favorite places :D) and he obliged. We then went back home and relaxed a bit. He eventually ended up hanging out with his friends and I decided to have some me time at Target. I got tons of nail polish and some Valentine's Day decor in the Red Dot spot or whatever they're calling it nowadays. After I ran over to the library to pick up a book I put on hold, it is called the Mistletoe Matchmaker and I've made 0 time to read it so far lol. After going to the library I went to another one of my favorites: Trader Joe's. I did some grocery shopping and got a lot of different things that are all so yummy. Then after that I just headed back home and had a nice relaxing evening before going to bed.

Overall it was a pretty great week and I hope you all enjoyed reading about it.

Until then, I'll see you all next time!


Happy New Year! Here's to 2020

Hi All,

I'm a day late and a dollar short but I hope you had a wonderful start to the new year and new decade! It's so crazy to me how life just continues to fly by. I find it harder for me to reflect on all the things that have happened in the past, not the big things, but mostly the small stuff. While there are now tons of pictures to look back on thanks to smart phones, I thought I'd try to use my blog as a space to capture all moments big and small going forward, like a digital diary! So this year, I'm going to try to make an effort to post a lot more now that I've got a new fancy laptop for Christmas thanks to Santa (aka my darling mother).

The last month just felt like a whirlwind. I dealt with finals and final projects like most college students and I'm happy to tell you that I received an A in my web design class and a B+ in my database fundamentals class! I felt like all the hard work and hardships I had to push through really paid off and feel more inspired than ever. To be honest, I cried a bit too, mostly due to joy and being overwhelmed and overcome with emotions. After the end of the semester, things started to wind down and I was able to focus on relaxing and getting Christmas shopping done for everyone. This Christmas was pretty sweet to me, I just had a wonderful time with family and that's all I could ever ask for.

Our annual pre-Christmas New York City trip was cancelled due to the cold temperatures but I really needed the downtime to rest my spirit and really focus on the true meaning of Christmas and also start setting my sights on the New Year and the new decade. I feel like God has been right by my side all 2019 and have felt more connected to Him than I ever have before and want to continue to grow my relationship with Him in 2020 and years after. Without His guidance and grace, I would not be where I am today and I am eternally grateful.

So far it's just the second day after New Years but yesterday I felt more aligned with some goals I want to try to meet, and no, I will not call them resolutions because we all know those only last like 2 weeks to a month (lol). Instead of speaking them out to the world, I'm going to hold them close to my heart for now but just know that I'm trying to be more accountable for myself. Some people come up with a word for the year, which is something I haven't done yet but I'm going to try to reflect on it some more. If I fall out of alignment with my goals, at least I will have this blog post to remind me.

Well guys, I don't have much more to say besides I hope that you accomplish your goals in 2020 and your wildest dreams come true. You will be hearing from me again soon once I hammer out what type of content I would like to post on here! Maybe my next post will be a weekly recap? If so, see y'all on Monday!

Until then, I hope you have a magical day!

Best wishes,

Life Update

Hi All!

It's been a while since I've posted and that's because my inspiration (for my blog and for being a girl boss extraordinaire) has been in a drought! Trust me when I say I want to post stuff sometimes, but I just don't know what. I've been enrolled in classes again since August and things are actually going well! I'm holding myself accountable and actually caring about performing my worst, even when other things (or even myself) gets in the way. It's definitely not always easy but I just want to power through so I can fully reach my potential. It's required coffee and a lot of self-discipline.

I've been working on many avenues of the girl boss life. I'm going to finally be opening my sticker shop this month! It's such an exciting and stressful time but I've managed to gain some people who actually care about what I want to create and that has been such a motivation and an inspiration for me to just get it done and start doing what makes me happy.

On top of those things, I'm really trying to level up and start doing web design! It seems so scary at first, I feel like I don't know what I'm doing but I want to do it. If you have any advice or suggestions, reply to this post.

Other than that, October has started off as a very exciting and eventful month! I love October so much (not just because my birthday is in October). I'm so excited for all the things that come this month. I will try to post more and often here on my blog.

Until then, talk to y'all later!

Planner Haul!

If you know me, you know I've pretty much given up a life of clothes and makeup to buy stickers (not that I mind haha). I recently recorded a huge planner haul and finally uploaded the video to YouTube! I want to start recording plan with mes, hauls, lifestyle videos, whatever and sharing them on YouTube and here! If you want to see my latest video, I've embedded it in this post. Hope you enjoy!

XO, Chynna

Guess Who's Back

Hi Readers!

I'm back from a five month hiatus (not that I think many people noticed haha). If you've noticed that some posts are no longer on this blog it's because I'm trying to find my true voice in blogging and talk about things that I'm passionate about and that matter to me, so I turned some posts that don't really fit well with who I am or what I care about into drafts again. You will also notice that some of the categories (just maybe like two or so) I'll be posting about have changed as well. I'll be revamping the look of my blog with time but I got tired of putting off posting because there's so much I want to share with you and I'm missing out on it. See, I'm a "self doubting perfectionist" in the words of the 16 personalities test I took 4 months ago (where are my fellow INFJ-T's?), so I always never want to do anything unless it's 110% perfect in my eyes, but I'm working on that.

So what have I been up to?

Over the past five months I've done a lot of soul searching. I've had many breakdowns and depressive episodes about many different things going on in my life. I struggled to find my passion for life and I couldn't come on here and be like "my life sucks I don't care about anything" because how interesting is that? Although I do think there's a serious issue with social media and how everyone's lives are presented as perfect, which is why I'm being so candid about the issues I've faced so that others know that they aren't alone. And please, don't take this post as a "I have it all together now" because I most definitely do not but I'm trying and that's all that matters. I don't really care to hash out all the details here for you but just know that I've been going through a tough time and have started going to therapy at the end of June. I plan to talk more openly about it maybe at the 6 month mark because I feel like it's way too soon for me to share any of those details with you. All I can say is if you're struggling, seek help. There's nothing worse than going through pain alone and while there have been days that I get frustrated because progress is not happening as fast as I want it to, I am much better off going to therapy than if I wasn't.

So instead of telling you all the sad little things, I want to really focus on the positive highlights of my five month hiatus.

  • Survived a whole year at my big girl job and living in an apartment with my two cousins (the second part is the hardest :P)
  • Helped my mom with moving into her new house!
  • Saw Hamilton after binge listening to the album at least once a week since March (it was incredible!)
  • Got back into planning
  • Found my passion for design and wasn't ashamed to share my art with others
  • Helped some of my closest friends
  • Found the motivation to begin again (with my blog, my creativity, my passions, etc.)
  • Ate lots of soft serve ice cream over the summer
  • Celebrated a year and half with my boyfriend! (2 days ago)
There are many little things that when I look back on put a smile on my face and I'm going to keep that energy going forward because at the end of the day all the positive little things outweigh the bad.

If you read this post in it's entirety I just want to say thank you! I promise to post about really interesting, entertaining, and even thought provoking things here for you. I'm not going to just sell myself short by sharing fluff with you guys because at the end of the day I've been searching for a blogger like me and I haven't found that yet so I really want to become that. If you have a blog that talks about life, tech, style, etc., leave me a comment and I'll check you out!

I will leave you with a quote to end this post: "If you don't like where you are, change it. You're not a tree." - Jim Rohn


Welcome to New York, it's Been Waiting for You!

Hey guys!

So I'm finally getting around to posting about my trip to New York. Last Wednesday my boyfriend and I left for New York for our one year anniversary. We caught the train (I live outside D.C. so we left from Union Station) and it was my first time ever going on the train! I napped most of my way there until the train stopped in Philly and that's when I started to get excited. Going into my trip to New York I knew I wanted to do touristy things like go to Top of The Rock and the Brooklyn Bridge but more than ever I wanted to AVOID Times Square. Don't get me wrong, I think Times Square is awesome but the food is usually extremely overpriced. So for this trip, I had a few places I thought I wanted to check out food wise but didn't get too much time to do that as we tried to squeeze in all the stuff we wanted to see (and we walked almost the entire trip - it was exhausting but so much fun).

On Wednesday we got there and checked into our hotel (we stayed at Yotel). Honestly I was so excited to stay there but it did not live up to my expectations. There were certain parts of our room that weren't necessarily the cleanliest to look at but it wasn't anything major. On top of that the people who help with checking bags were acting extremely sketchy. The Yotel hotel uses what they call a "Yobot" to check bags if you can't get into your hotel early or need your bags held somewhere if you had to check out before you're leaving the city. It's completely automated by a robot so there's really no need for "assistance" and the employees there were pretty much telling us we had to pay $2 per bag to check our bags the day we were leaving (we had to check out at 11 but our train didn't leave until 8 PM). To me this raised an eyebrow, as there was no policy stated we had to pay that amount (the Yobot machine did not ask for us to deposit any money) and they said it had to be in cash. I had a pretty great time our whole trip but that last day left a bad taste in my mouth for the hotel and I probably would not stay there again. Additionally, besides the fact that they market that they're in Times Square, they are not. It's about a 2 block walk away from Times Square and they are actually located in Hell's Kitchen (which I did not really mind that much, Times Square is over crowded to me and I cannot stand when people stop and gawk or when there's multiple people trying to beg me for money or get me to go to some trip or sightseeing bus).

Moving on from the hotel, we checked in and got rested up a little bit. I switched out of my UGGs and into my tennis shoes (UGGs make my feet hot and I only wore them to be comfy on the train and in case it snowed). Before going to pick up our New York Pass (I used their pass when I went to New York in December and greatly appreciated it this time as well), we went to Otto's Tacos

Chicken and Shrimp Tacos
They were kind of pricey for the amount of food you get ($3 for chicken, $4 for shrimp) but they were pretty tasty.

Here's my advice about sightseeing passes in New York: if you want to have a cheaper option use The Sightseeing Pass, you can choose 10 attractions to go to. I wish I would have gone with that one cause I thought we'd do the New York Pass to be able to go on the busses every day (but we ended up walking most of the time and could not see everything we wanted to see).

After getting our passes we pretty much walked all around. We decided to go to M&M world to get custom M&Ms for our anniversary (we waited 40 minutes while they had to clean the machine that customizes them - I'll just order them online next time but it was a fun experience!). We went to Barnes & Noble on 5th Ave. and H&M in Times Square. We even made our way to Whole Foods and got some really good San Pellegrino and snacks. After we were ready to head back to the hotel, we stopped for some food (I got Chipotle and it was way overpriced in comparison to where I live in VA and my boyfriend got pizza from Two Boots). We pretty much rested up for the big day ahead of us.

Empire State Building at night
On Thursday we woke up kind of late and set out for the Brooklyn Bridge. We caught the bus and hopped off at the stop. We walked all the way across which is how I got some pretty amazing pictures of the Empire State Building and the skyline!

After walking back we made our way to Chinatown. My boyfriend ate there and then we went into the Canal Street Market. I had a Horchata Boba Tea from Boba Guys (it tasted great!).

Then I set out to find some murals to take pictures of.

Then we finally made our way to Cookie Dō. I loved the Oatmeal M&M so much it was my favorite!

Then we sat in Washington Square Park and ate our cookie dough and I enjoyed looking at the shops as we walked through SoHo. When I go to New York I try not to buy anything as it's hard to stuff my suitcase enough on the way there and the trip in itself is not cheap so I just window shopped.

As we walked back to our hotel, we made sure to cross paths with the Flatiron Building and I stopped at Lenwich because I was craving an Italian sandwich. We also got pizza and stayed in our hotel once we got back for the rest of the night.

Because of how windy it was most days and how tired we were, whenever we got back to the hotel we usually did not come back out. So many times we said "we'll come back out for the Empire State Building" but I could not do it.

On Friday we were determined to tour Uptown so we stopped by Top of The Rock first and I was so happy because the last time I went in December it was raining so I saw NOTHING.

The views were incredible! If you have never gone to Top of The Rock I highly recommend you add it to your list for your next trip to New York!

Then after we finished soaking up the views we made our way to Black Tap for lunch (if you have a smaller group and you want to go there I definitely recommend going during lunch, the wait is much shorter then).

We had to compromise and I did not end up liking the shake we had, it was pretty plain and boring. The burger we had (just a normal burger) wasn't astonishing or out of this world either.

After we filled our bellies we walked through Central Park and to the museums.

"Dum dum I want gum gum" - Night at the Musuem 
Me pretending to be Blair Waldorf getting a Gossip Blast on the steps of the Met

I need my headband, yogurt, and tights

Cool lighting at MoMA
Fun fact - MoMA is free on Fridays (I don't know how long that will last though) so if you plan a trip and you want to go and you can handle the crowd, I'd recommend going then (make sure to look it up before hand though). It was my first time going to the Smithsonian (no offense but I live in the D.C. area with tons of Smithsonian museums and the one in New York does not live up to the name) and The MET (I liked the MET a lot but there was so much to see and my feet could not take all of it.)

I had been to MoMA in December and I loved it, this time I could not really be bothered though just cause of how crowded it was and how much my feet were hurting. When we left MoMA we stopped and got food at the 30 Rock shops (I ate Potbelly and a shake) and then we went to the Nintendo store. After going to the Nintendo store I wanted to go to Muji (I love pens, how about you?).

My Muji pens and notebook, laptop, and laptop carrying case (it's Kate Spade)
Then eventually we went back to the hotel for some much needed rest!

Finally, it was our last day and by that point I was just ready to go home and be in my bed. It was St. Patrick's Day so everyone was running around drunk at 9 in the morning. We wanted to catch the Uptown bus to the Guggenheim but because of the parade the uptown bus was cancelled. Instead we went to Drink inside of American Eagle in Times Square

It was super sugary so I could not finish it all but it makes for a good Instagram picture and it tasted better than Black Tap to me (and it was cheaper).

After that we went on the Downtown tour and just let our feet rest as we took in the sights. When we got back we decided to go to Madame Tussauds and check that out. Eventually we were ready to just be done and go find food before getting our bags and going to the train station. We went to Yum Yum Too for linner and had some Thai food and drinks.

Eventually we got to the train station about 2-ish hours before our train arrived and started boarding but the time went by fast and we were just happy to rest.

Overall I had so much fun and I hope this helps you determine any places you'd like to go on your next trip to New York!

I know that next time I go I will probably stay downtown as most of the stuff I wanted to see was there and that I'll go when it's much warmer.

Where is Spring my East Coast followers? It's been snowing almost all day for me here in Northern Virginia.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this lengthy post.

Until next time.

You know you love me.

Candidly Chynna

A Day of Adventures in Old Town Alexandria

Hi guys!

I'm sorry for being one of the worst bloggers ever! Life has been kicking my ass but I finally uploaded and edited pictures from last Friday so I wanted to share them with you.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I had work on Valentine's Day so we had a late dinner at Cooper's Hawk Winery (which is amazing by the way!). We also wanted to have a day to just sleep in and be with each other without school and work getting in the way, so we both asked for Friday the 16th off to have a little late Valentine's Day celebration. We actually ended up doing the opposite of all ideas we had discussed earlier on but those are the best dates anyways!

Lobster Cobb Salad at Jackson's Might Fine Food and Lucky Lounge in Reston, VA
We started our day with lunch. I felt really bad because my boyfriend really wanted Brunch (I did too!) and we went to Jackson's thinking they might be serving some (but they only serve Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays). We still decided to pig out though. I love their Lobster Cobb salad and my boyfriend had crab cakes. One of the best parts about living in Northern Virginia is the Great American Restaurants chain! They have the best bread (called "Ozzies" if you ever get a chance to go to one and want to ask for some).

After lunch, we headed back home. I was a little discouraged because it was raining and full of food, so I didn't feel like doing much of anything. We watched a movie on Netflix called "How We First Met" (my boyfriend is a sucker for romcoms, however - me, not so much). It was kind of funny, Adam Devine was in it if you've ever watched Workaholics! 

After our food digested and the movie finished, we decided to get off our butts and try to do something outside for the rest of the day. We ended up going to Old Town Alexandria (I have never been before - unless I was a little kid and I don't remember). We walked around and looked at the houses and little shops. We were full off of our lunch so we had no desire to eat right then. My boyfriend snapped a few pictures of me for me to post here. 

I also took some pictures of local shops that are worth checking out! 

Chart House is near the harbor!

King Street

A store with lots of preppy clothes!

Once we got bored with Old Town we went to Georgetown! We got lucky and the line at Georgetown Cupcake was short so we got some. 

From L-R, top to bottom: Strawberry Cheesecake, Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Teddy Bear Red Velvet, and Red Velvet Swirl Cheesecake 
After getting cupcakes we just walked up and down M Street, going in and out of stores. When we finally got hungry we decided to get some burgers and fries at Good Stuff Eatery!

Anyways, I don't want to make this post too long. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day whether you were single or had someone special (for 21 years my Valentine has always been my mom and my dog). I can't wait to make more posts for you guys <3 p="">

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