Hi readers!

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. On here you can find photos of the things I've purchased, the outfits I wore, the places I went, the food I ate, tech product reviews, my wish lists, my (hopeful) weight-loss journey, pretty much anything I find interesting, and many other updates on my life. My blog is like a documentary/diary of my life and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Here's a little background information about me:

I was born in Virginia on October 25 (Scorpios FTW) and I am 24 years old. I was raised by my single mother and graduated from high school in 2014 in Northern Virginia. After graduating, I attended community college and earned my Associates in Information Technology. I'm currently in the process of earning my Bachelors in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development and Multimedia. While attending school, I started working full-time as a Help Desk Support Technician in the IT industry. One of my goals is to get a job in Web Design and start freelancing.

In the Spring of 2014 I was blessed with a little Yorkie-Poo named Cannoli, thus making me a dog mom. I'm hoping to add more dogs to my family after finishing school as I am a huge animal lover.

As a resident of the D.C. Metropolitan Area I try to take advantage of all the cool events that go on in the area and document them to share with you. Additionally, I love to eat and go to new places as I live in a very diverse place with food from all different cultures!

As I mentioned in my short bio on my blog, I'm a shopping fanatic. I can hardly ever resist good sales (or even when there's not sales) so you can expect to see lots of posts from me sharing with you all the goodies I purchase (makeup, clothes, shoes, electronics, planner stuff, tech, you name it!).

As an IT major I'm constantly looking at the market for the coolest and latest products. My mom always tells me I wanted to use a computer before I even knew how to say the word. Right now my new baby is my 16" MacBook Pro I received for Christmas!

Another thing I'm super interested in but will try not to bore you with mass postings about is planning! I love planning and I've always been a person who had to list and write everything down (and own many different pens in many different colors!). I will be sharing with you my layouts and all that.

I also want to travel more and share my experiences with you all.

Lastly, you can expect lots of posts in regards to my experience of working while in school, how to seek internships and jobs, properly balancing time while working and going to school (I have always gone to school full-time and worked full or part time, but since January 2018 I work full-time and go to school part-time, so I will be sharing that experience with you), dealing with poor grades and lack of motivation, and many other things.

Whether you're a new reader to my blog or a longtime follower, thank you for your support, it means the most to me.


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